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Our Orlando based wholesale operation gives you unique access to numerous Cars, Trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles, with a pricing structure based on the current wholesale market.

Pricing is based on Florida's current wholesale value. The market is ever changing therefore we will consider all bids and offers with enthusiasm.

For easier loan approvals, we have developed relationships with major financial sources as well as all credit unions. You can rely on our years of experience and reputation.

Customer Testimonials:

  • I have looked at many dealers for an Infiniti I30 in my price range. The local dealer had a particular model for $26,000, so I checked the Internet to see if this was what they were going for and found ADM Automotive. I was skeptical but e-mailed anyway and was pleased to get a helpful friendly response. After a few choices, they found a the same model with only 19,900 miles. Just what I wanted and for Only $19,000! A huge savings and delivered to my doorstep. I will refer all my friends to ADM Automotive Services.

    Tallahassee, Florida

  • I was expecting an insurance check and only had so much money to work with but what scared me more than the accident was dealing with another car dealer. A friend referred me to ADM Automotive and after talking with them they knew just what I was looking for. One week after our first contact my new car was delivered and at the price we discussed.

    Jacksonville, Florida

  • I was referred to Dave at ADM Services by my brother but still had some concerns. We talked a few times and it took two weeks but he found me a great car and under what I expected to pay.

    Lakeland, Florida

  • I had a 163,000 mile 1989 Honda with a bad starter and damage on the drivers side to trade in on a new Honda EX. My bank wanted me to stay in line with loan value, I wanted to buy with no money down and I was pretty particular about what I wanted. The situation looked bad when my Uncle referred me to Dave at ADM Automotive Services. He found many cars that fit my needs but it took 3 weeks to fit my price, a price that ended up $1000 back of loan value on my extra clean Civic EX with only 26,000 miles and full warranty.

    Apopka, Florida